Monday, September 1, 2014

Technical Seminar Deadlines

Here are some important deadlines for Technical Seminar:

Sep 15, 2014:   Submission of approved abstract of approved topic to the concerned faculty supervisor
Oct 27-Nov 11: Presentation of the seminar to the concerned faculty supervisor.

Report draft will need to be submitted to the faculty supervisor within 1 week of presentation.

Nov 25: Final submission of Technical report

Format of the technical report will be uploaded later.

Contact your faculty supervisor for presentation schedule.

Any submission after the deadline needs the approval of HoD sir.

CVL401: Advanced RCC - Section A and B - Tutorial 01

The Question Paper for Tutorial 01 can be accessed from the following links:

  1. Web page
  2. Direct link for downloading PDF

CVL401: Advanced RCC - Section A and B

The course website of CVL401: Advanced RCC for students from Section A and B can be accessed using the following link:

CVL401: Advanced RCC

The students may make subscribe to the RSS feed of the Announcements.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Diary: Summer Training

Diary must be prepared during your training period only. Then only it is called the Diary, otherwise it is not. 

Now, you can not prepare a new Diary. So, those who do not have the Diary, must submit your  work (report) without Diary. You get corresponding marks.