Friday, March 27, 2015

students who have not filled the ete form

below are the students who have not filled their ete form till today. they are adviced to contact the set exam cell urgently.

S.No System ID Admission No Roll No Student Name Guardian Name
1 2011001420 11SETCIVL086 110107172 Saurabh Kumar Lalji Singh Yadav
2 2011001373 11SETCIVL297 110107162 Sahar Raza Shabab Alam
3 2012017040 2012017040 120107811 Ongden Lachungpa Chewang Gyatso Lachungpa
4 2011001513 11setcivl271 110107196 Sonu Kumar Sanjay Kumar
5 2011001197 11SETCIVL432 110107149 Rajat Singh Phool Chand Singh
6 2011001484 11SETCIVL370 110107188 Shubham Agarwal Manish Agarwal

Thursday, March 26, 2015

31st march and 1st april are teaching days

This is to inform you all that the days of fest ie., 31st March and 1st April are full "Teaching Days". 

There shall be regular classes on these two days. Attendance shall be given only to those who either attend the class or participate in the events.

The content taught on these two days shall not be repeated. Miss the classes at your own risk.

List of Students Selected in APAAR Infratech Pvt. Ltd

Dear Student, see the List of Students Selected in APAAR Infratech Pvt. Ltd.For Final Round is with their Director on Monday 30th March 2015 from 12.00 Noon. So HR need your confirmation and also send a copy to me, HOD and Dr DL Shastri [T&P]. Your confirmation should come as soon as possible.
Prashant Mukherjee  

  List of Students Selected in APAAR Infratech Pvt. Ltd

1.   Nilesh Kumar Verma
2.   Mohd. Altamash
3.   Lalit Singh Bisht
4.   Pavan Kumar Varshney
5.   Md. Sirtaz
6.   Ravinder Singh Ramola
7.   Manish Kumar Shukla
8.   Sumit Deshwar
9.   Rahul Malik
10.  Vinay Ram
 Leenashree Kar
Asst. Manager - HR 
APAAR Infratech Pvt. Ltd.
B-92, Sector 63, Noida (U.P.) – 201 301, India 
Tel: +91 120 4090906 | Fax: +91 120 4090901

E-mail: | Web:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Q.S. Class Test for sec A

Class Test for 4th year sec A is scheduled to be held on Friday, 27th March, 2015.
Topic: Hill Road

Q.S. Class Test for sec C

Class Test for 4th year sec C is scheduled to be held on Thursday, 26th March, 2015.
Topic: Hill Road

Attend the Classes on 31st March and 1st April as usual

There is NO-OFFICIAL communication from HOD that the classes will be suspend on 31st March and 1st April;

So, all of you come and attend the classes on the above said dates also.

We have to complete the Syllabus of DPC and as you have informed about your plan for farewell as well. 

ETE form not filled

Following students have not filled their ETE online form. They are adviced to meet Gaurav Sharma in the Department positively tomorrow, so that the same can be filled. Those who miss the form filling tomorrow shall have to pay fine of Rs. 1500/-

S.No    System ID    Admission No    Roll No    Student Name
1    2011001373    11SETCIVL297    110107162    Sahar Raza
2    2011002293    11SETCIVL408    110107197    Sourabh Kadiyan
3    2011001420    11SETCIVL086    110107172    Saurabh Kumar
4    2011001037    11SETCIVL045    110107118    Naresh Tanwar
5    2011001484    11SETCIVL370    110107188    Shubham Agarwal
6    2011001595    11SETCIVL435    110107210    Vaibhav Guliyan
7    2010001932    10SETCIVL033    100107255    Yumge Padu
8    2011001513    11setcivl271    110107196    Sonu Kumar
9    2011001197    11SETCIVL432    110107149    Rajat Singh