Monday, October 20, 2014

MID TERM GIS syllabus for BACKLOG paper .............PARAG AGARWAL

please find here  the syllabus for MTE for GIS  backlog paper .

Please NOTE that only section I  will appear in the examination..

CVL401: Advanced RCC - Section A - Slides

The slides on isolated and strip footings can be accessed from the following location:

Syllabus for backlog students for MODS

The syllabus for MODS in the mid term will be I II and III Units. The syllabus PDF link is given below:


Unit I Introduction
Strength of Materials, Conditions of Equilibrium, Types of stresses and strains, Degree
of freedom, Definition of determinate/ indeterminate structures.

II Concept of Stress and Strain Tensor
Principle of St. Venant, Hooke’s law, stress strain diagram, Young’s Modulus, factor of
safety, axially loaded bars, Varying cross-section and Load, Compound bars, temperature
stresses, Concept of Stress Tensor , Plane stress, Concept of Strain Tensor, Plane Strain.
Stresses induced due to uniaxial stress, stresses induced by state of simple shear, stresses
induced due to biaxial stress, Mohr Circle, Poisson’s Ratio, Principal stresses and principal
planes, maximum shear stresses, Principal strains, Analysis of strain, Volumetric strain,
strain energy, Strain energy, Resilience, Impact load, shear strain energy, Bulk Modulus,
Relation between between various moduli. Definition of toughness. Experimental methods
for measurement of strain using 1) Mechanical Strain Gauge, 2) Electrical Resistance Strain
Gauge, 3) Introduction to optical method.

Unit III: Shear Force and Bending Moment (Quick revision)
Types of structures, loading, supporting conditions, structural actions, equation of
equilibrium, SFD and BMD under different loads for determinate beams, graphical

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Ankit Gupta to contact the SET exam cell immediately

Mr. Ankit Gupta 
Roll no.-110107034 
Enrolment no. 11SETCIVL300 
has filled the End Term Examination form (2014-15) wrongly. He has applied for only 06 subjects, including labs.
You are adviced to contact the SET Exam cell immediately to get the same corrected.

Saturday, October 18, 2014